Headshots: What to Wear

It's daunting enough getting your photo taken, and now you have to choose the perfect outfit?! Fear not, there are so many fun and photogenic approaches to take when choosing what to wear for headshots. Not only is your perfect outfit out there, but you probably already own it and it's probably a lot more comfortable than you think!

 Check out some ideas from past clients below. If you have any other ideas feel free to send them my way and I'll let you know my thoughts before we shoot!

Tip 1: Dress for the job you want.

Anthony on the left had his portraits taken for an upcoming vocal performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Chris on the right is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in San Francisco. Their outfits are radically different but both speak to their line of work and the purpose of their headshots!


All three of the men below are laywers, and you can tell! When hiring a laywer, clients are looking for someone who is sharp, well put together, and confident.


Tip 2: Play with florals and patterns!

So many websites will tell you to stick with solid fabrics for headshots. While some small detailed patterns may translate poorly, big bold patterns and colors can really make a photo pop.

Tip 3: Bring a few different looks!

Can't decide? Bring both! Not only will you get to play with a few looks, but sometimes a variety of headshot styles are useful in different contexts. A speaker panel may want to exhibit a more formal look, while your clients respond better to a casual approachable vibe.

Tip 4: Don't forget about blacks & whites.

If you want a distraction-free and clean headshot, solid blacks and whites are great for keeping the attention on your face. Beware, though -- blacks can become shapeless unless fitted, and whites can get blown out with starchier fabrics.

Tip 5: Embrace those jewel tone solids.

A classic portrait look is the jewel-toned formal shirt with neutral pants or jeans. It's clean, professional, and brings some color to the photo without overwhelming the subject. Find a color that's your everyday favorite and incorporate that into your headshot look!

Tip 6: Coordinate your group shots.

While you don't want to match, a group shot should all have a similar level of formality. Pretend you'll all be attending the same event. What would you wear? Talk about your outfits in advance to make sure there's not an outlier on shoot day.


Tip 7: Most importantly, be yourself!

I could never have come up with the outfit below, but it's amazing! If you have a look that you're confident in, go for it. Just make sure the shape is flattering and it represents your business or style.

Bonus tip for dogs: wear your favorite collar and think about your favorite treat!

Such a good boy.