Christmas in Tennessee

Traveling with a camera can sometimes be hard for a photographer. Either we're totally burnt out on taking photos, or we feel the need to bring four lenses and a tripod on family vacation! 

I have discovered the best tool for me: the Canon 40mm pancake lens. It's cheap, tiny, super light, and takes pretty damn good photos! The 2.8 aperture allows for pretty dynamic portraits for such a compact lens, and 40mm is wide enough for a decent landscape shot on a full-frame camera. 

My most recent venture with this lens was to Tennessee for the holidays. We stayed on my husband's family's farm in central TN and I used the scenic opportunity for shoots with his family members (and of course the farm's amazing animals). His little nieces are the cutest and savviest farm girls.

The last few photos are from Nashville, where I was mostly too cold to bring my camera around!
p.s. I'm the one in the red jacket (hi!).

Bonus shot from Los Angeles on our way to Tennessee, where the weather was warm and I embarrassed my husband and brother with matching shirts to go see Star Wars on Christmas. I know, I'm the best gift giver.